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My name is Hussain Shah and I have over 20 years of experience in the fast-paced and competitive technology industry. Throughout my career, I have led marketing teams in startups and global publicly traded companies, delivering results through strategic planning and tactical execution of campaigns across B2B, B2C, and B2G markets.

My track record includes achieving significant market share in biometric-based payment solutions, successfully launching products in virtualization technologies, increasing market share for information security productized services, and driving market capture for business process management and training services.

Currently, I am the Principal/Founder of MarCom 24/7, a digital marketing consultancy that specializes in digital-first campaigns for enterprise clients. If you're looking for a proven marketing leader with a track record of success in hyper-competitive technology markets, you've come to the right place.

Also, please see my consulting site to better understand how exactly my expertise can serve your company goals.



If you have a marketing project….If no one seems to meet your expectations for enterprise marketing….and if you are ready to go next level…..maybe we should talk.



  • 2017MarCom 24/7

    Principal/Founder of a digital marketing consultancy.
    We conceptualize, build and manage results driven marketing programs across established and emerging channels for ambitious B2B and B2G companies. Let’s out-think your competitors with larger budgets, out-innovate establishments in your competitive space, and over-clock metrics that will provide you with the winning edge.
    Our Services
    • DemandGen 360 - DemandGen 360 is the focused generation, nurturing, and conversion of qualified leads across channels. It’s integrated approach ensures success with optimal touch point management.
    • Contextually Aware Content Marketing - Content without context is like effort without purpose. The idea that every engagement point across all channels are functionally homogeneous is both, resource draining and a source of modern spam pollutants.
    • Social Media Domination - Engaging social media without purpose is just fluff. This is why we support social media marketing with goal-oriented tactics across the spectrum - from sales, marketing, product management, and business development to executive leadership.
    • Integrated Marketing Campaigns - Brilliance turns into failing mediocrity without accountability, measurement, and iterative improvement. Without these crucial elements, marketing campaigns are devoid of actual business value. Which is why we designed our service around an iterative process—integrating KPI for accountability, analytics for measurement and transparency, and continuous innovation to create a feedback loop. Such innovation “listens” to the analytics and drives towards the KPI goals.
  • 2015Learning Tree International

    Digital Marketing Director of a global IT training and transformation company.
    • Spearheaded the digital first transformation of global marketing.
    • Increased conversion by 35% with new site design and UX while reducing cost by 20%.
    • Architect of the martech ecosystem, with marketing automation, data analysis, social media & more.
    • Built content marketing programs to cover 24 IT cirricula areas with multi-channel engagement.
  • 2014MicroAutomation

    Marketing Director of a contact center solutions company.
    • Reduced lead acquisition costs by 50% with targeted lead generation programs.
    • Launched two products to the market within 6 months and 15% under budget.
    • Rolled out ABM support model for sales and marketing across all verticals.
  • 2011Confiance

    Marketing Director of a business process management firm.
    • Launched the e-learning line of business for the company from concept to execution.
    • Built a new website and supporting marketing programs from lead gen to content marketing.
    • Harvested social media channels for 200K+ data points to power the messaging strategy.
    • 2009Corsec

      Marketing Director of a leading information security consulting firm.
      • Raised weekly email CTR to 3%+ with dynamic content segmented to vertical specific pain points.
      • Launched services into the competitive DoD UC-APL market with value-add content on ROI.
      • Optimized PPC ads on Google and launched new networks including LinkedIn.
    • 2007Fortisphere

      Marketing Programs Manager of a virtualization management solutions provider.
      • Managed the launch of two products from beta to GA and two major product upgrades for them.
      • Raised PPC conversions to 3.5% with dynamic keyword management and optimized placements.
    • 2006Chimera Consulting

      Founder of a marketing consultancy for the technology sector.
      • Able to produce product explainer videos at 30% less than competitors with voice overlays.
      • Recruited skilled off shore team members and delivered on every deadline.
    • 2005BioPay, a Pay by Touch Company

      Marketing Associate/Launch Coordinator of a biometric based payments company.
      • Launched 16 pilot locations in the mid-west in under 10 days and within budget.
      • Managed photo shoots for targeted collateral, including talent management & messaging.
    • 2004Royal Service Realty

      Marketing Lead at a multi-line reality firm.
      • Increased lead gen. by 10% per quarter with micro-targeted campaigns.
      • Planned and executed a six-series community forum on homeownership.