Consulting Services Branding Campaign
March 11, 2023


Change customer behavior and experience at the checkout line and get retail companies to realize the ROI of accepting biometric based payment options.

Challenge: BioPay was revolutionizing how people paid for goods and services by bringing to market a reliable and cost effective alternative to credit card payments; a biometric solution that bypassed card fees with a flat ETF charge. But like any new innovation in the market, it needed an adoption campaign to succeed.

Company: BioPay had one of the largest commercial biometric databases in the world, over 5 million. It set the industry standard in making check cashing more reliable for the business owner and was making greater inroads into the retail space for businesses fed up with credit card fees cutting into their bottom line.


Biometric based payment solutions provide many benefits to the end users and businesses — including cutting down on identity theft and cutting the cost of accepting electronic payments. But like any market innovation, the change was a hurdle to adoption. As the Marketing Launch Coordinator at BioPay, I was responsible for optimizing adoption rates and materializing the ROI for the business owners. To succeed on these metrics, I developed a multi-segment marketing adoption campaign that targeted business owners, end users and public perception.

The objective of the business owner component of the campaign was to realize the cost savings from paying a lower flat fee instead of credit card processing fees. The objective of the end user component of the campaign was to make biometric payment options seem normal, secure and familiar during a retail transaction. The PR component of the campaign raised awareness of benefits of biometric based payment systems to end users and alleviate the fears of loss of privacy and intrusion by “big brother”.

We accomplished this with a hands-on approach to the campaign. I built and implemented many of the campaign vehicles used to change perceptions and gain adoption of the technology.

I was able to exceed targeted adoption rates at every proof of concept deployment of our biometric based payment solution. This directly led to the full roll out of biometric based payments across numerous markets in the mid-west, south-east and the west coast.

Specific channels used: 

  • Tradeshows and conferences
  • Email marketing automation
  • Partner and VAR Channels
  • Industry analyst briefings
  • Broadcast Media
  • Onsite ads and marketing
  • Advertorials within industry publications
  • Search engine optimization


Media Relations Cheat Sheet for Business Owners

Biometric payment was a revolutionary payment option that generated a lot of media attention at the local store levels, I noticed many of the regional and store managers were not proficient in basic media relation tactics.

So, I put wrote, developed and managed this Media Tip Sheet that was used to assist in generating the "right" kind of local media attention. It became a standard collateral piece for all deployments across the country.

Please click on the image on the right to see the piece.

Goto Market Plan Brief for Resellers and Partners

In managing our relationship with partners and resellers, I developed this positioning guide for them that distilled our corporate position in an easy to understand piece for them to implement and use as a starting point for developing an engagement plan.

I developed this with the buy-in from the sales and product leadership and managed its distribution across all market segments along with use by internal sales.

Please click on the image to view the PDF.

Store Collateral Use Guide

An important part of the adoption was the collateral used at the store level to make biometric payment solutions acceptable to the end user.

I developed this diagram as a guide on how to use our content after managing the photoshoot to build all the pieces listed in the diagram. I managing the content and messaging for all the pieces.

It was extremely well received and brought us in alignment with what was happening at the store level across all of our deployments.

Please click on the image on the right to access the PDF.