Innovative Lead Generation
March 12, 2023
Biometric Payment Product Management
March 10, 2023


Showcase consulting offering in a succinct and engaging manner.

Challenge: Consulting is many things to many organizations, especially in the world of business process management. The company needed a campaign that showcased its consulting services based on the Confiance Transformation Framework (proprietary methodology) and its past successes with companies.

Company: Confiance Group is a well established BPM consulting firm with close partnership with Software AG and has extensive and deep subject matter expertise in business transformation.


Portraying what a consulting services firm does can be a wonderful creative challenge. To accomplish this, I built a branding campaign that showcased the value of our consulting methodology to businesses across verticals (CPG, healthcare, manufacturing, civilian government, etc).

The campaign was powered by a whole new set of content pieces designed for decision makers across our targeted verticals. This content was segmented to provide vertical specific application of our consulting methodology for a variety of scenarios.

Demonstrating the company's thought leadership in this area was paramount for building up the trust factor of the brand. We needed to capture the trust of our clients & prospects so that they recognize that our consulting is best-in-class and its implementation will deliver on their stated objectives for business process management.

The cornerstone of this branding campaign was to quickly answer the central question of: what we do and how we do it. To definitively answer this question, I built an animation of less than three minutes, this video acted as an anchor for a larger collateral set that included sales slicks and slide decks. Using this setup we were able to deliver an aligned message across mediums and segmented by verticals.

Specific channels used: 

  • Google & Bing paid search
  • Google remarketing & retargeting
  • Email marketing automation
  • Facebook general targeting and look alike
  • Partner and VAR channels
  • Industry analyst briefings
  • Paid media placements
  • Advertorials within industry publications
  • Search engine optimization


Consulting Services Overview Animation Video

As part of the brand awareness campaign, this video was instrumental in conveying our value proposition to a variety of audiences.

I developed all levels of this video, from animation, graphics, messaging to delivery and positioning.

It was extremely helpful in the market and used across our web site, social media channels and variation was developed for trade shows and conferences.