Product Repositioning Campaign
March 13, 2023
Consulting Services Branding Campaign
March 11, 2023


Generate interest, engagement and leads for a business process management (BPM) training line of business.

Challenge: After helping launch Confiance University as a separate line of business, I had to build an extensive lead generation program to sustain this line of business.

Company: Confiance Group is a well established BPM consulting firm with close partnership with Software AG and has extensive and deep subject matter expertise in business transformation.


We offered numerous training courses on business process tools and concepts, but we needed to make it easy for prospective clients to quickly identify training courses best suited for their needs — the hurdle for prospects was navigating the path that was right for them.

To remedy this, I revolutionized the traditional training path approach turning it into an interactive guide that functioned as a key lead generation engine. It also doubled as a branding tool to expose prospects to the larger company consulting offerings as an up sell opportunity.

This interactive platform was supported by landing pages that served content by topical interest and were part of the lead journey that efficiently converted landing page traffic into customers.

The campaign was supported by paid and earned media and enjoyed the best conversion rate when compared to any traditional lead generation program.

Specific channels used: 

  • Google & Bing paid search
  • Google remarketing & retargeting
  • Email marketing automation
  • Facebook general targeting and look alike
  • Partner and VAR channels
  • Industry analyst briefings
  • Paid media placements
  • Advertorials within industry publications
  • Search engine optimization


Interactive Learning Path Selector

This was the central component of the customer journey, it quickly organized our course offerings by the intended end state the prospect was targeting while delivering valuable information on what the course would cover and where it would fit into their professional development program.

I built this from the ground up, doing everything from the script, animation, coding, and graphics all the way to the strategic deployment and nurturing.

This was used extensively on the website, as well as a training tool for partners with great success.

Each selection of the learning path took you through a journey to better understand the value of the product. This interactive was critical to meeting the high conversion volume needed by the company.