Social Selling Transformation
March 15, 2023
Product Repositioning Campaign
March 13, 2023


Successfully launch a product in a hyper-competitive public sector market.

Challenge: MicroAutomation needed to bring a NextGen911 compliant product directly to market. In the past, the company had tried to enter the public safety market through partner channels with limited success. It was time to go aggressively to the market with an innovative, next generation 911 solution minus the technology forklift needed for for implementation.

Company: MicroAutomation has been in the intuitive voice response market for 26 years, primarily in the commercial sector with limited partnership licencing of their technology to the public safety market.


Launching a product into a well established market with defined leaders and "go to solutions" is always an uphill battle. Doing it with a limited budget with an aggressive launch timeline adds another dimension of complexity and innovation.

In order to succeed, I planned a forceful pre-launch campaign that consisted of a teaser & prep program. This was designed to build brand awareness through paid media and advertorials along with a partner and industry analyst blitz.

Next, as part of the product launch I developed extensive content marketing campaigns that gave in-depth and hands on experience to breed familiarity with the prospects. This included a detailed overview video, product sheets for vertical specific use case and ROI cheat sheets and battle cards that directly addressed the pain points uncovered in the pre-launch campaign.

After the launch, I continued with aggressive content and sales support of the product for three months. As part of this post launch campaign, I developed additional multimedia content, paid media programs and showcased the product at industry events.

Specific channels used: 

  • Google & Bing paid search
  • Google remarketing & retargeting
  • Email marketing automation
  • Facebook general targeting and look alikes
  • Industry analyst briefings
  • Paid media placements
  • Advertorials within industry publications
  • Search engine optimization


Prelaunch Video Teaser

This quick video was used as part of a teaser campaign with prospects, partners and analysts to give them an idea of what the product would do and what pain points in the market it would solve.

At the tactical level, I developed this video from the script to the graphics (I even developed the logo) and the animation production. At the strategic level, I managed its deployment, use and positioning.

The video succeeded in building interest and anticipation in the market for the launch of our product.

Thought Leadership Video

As part of the market development/education campaign around the launch, I built this video as a thought leadership piece to help prospects connect the dots and understand the gravity of the issues around NextGen911 in a succinct manner.

I built this video from the ground up, including the graphics, animation and script to the engagement program and nurture campaign integration.

The video was extremely well received and cited by partners as thought leadership in their understanding.

Product Experience Video

This video was used extensively in understanding the product, its features and value proposition of the solution.

It was developed in conjunction with the product sheets and referenced extensively on the web, at trade shows and in nurture emails.

I developed this video from scratch; from shooting, the green screen work and the script along with the deployment and its engagement strategy.

The interesting thing about this video is that the raw footage was shot with my smartphone.