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May 1, 2023
Digital Transformation
March 16, 2023


Establish leadership position in the cyber security training market.

Challenge: Cyber security is a substantial and growing topic of interest for the IT industry. However, Learning Tree had not been able to break ground in this area in any significant way. Tapping this expansive market demand was critical to company growth.

Company: Learning Tree International is a global publicly traded company that has been providing IT training and thought leadership for over 40 years.


In order to tap into the cyber security market, I devised a strategy beyond the traditional marketing approach as these traditional channels were already cluttered. I attracted prospective clients by developing a narrative that was tailored to address their pain points and was delivered on their trusted mediums (a.k.a. channels of optimal resistance).

To accomplish this, I designed an integrated three prong approach comprising of data analysis for situational understanding, segmented content development, and multi-channel message engagement.

First, I used data mining to identify the channels IT buyers trust to learn about cyber security, how they engage with channels and develop an understanding of cyber security pain points by roles in an organization for an specific vertical.

Second, I used this information to purpose build content to solve their cyber security challenges tailored to their role, type of organization and channel of delivery (i.e., YouTube, social media, advertorials, etc).

Third to translate interest into prospective sales, I deployed the "magnet" content (videos, infographics, slicks, etc) for top of funnel engagement to create a marketing qualified lead (MQL). Then to further the interest of MQLs down the path of conversion, we nurtured them through a variety of channels (follow-up emails, remarketing, direct mail, etc) to "give" them a reason to engage with us for a defined sales opportunity, thus becoming a sales qualified lead (SQL).

The simplest form of this in action would start with a compliance manager in the healthcare industry making a search query about a cyber security related concept that would land them on an ungated page with content aligned to their area of interest (based search query), the page functioned as a [1] vehicle for content delivery, [2] tagging that user for remarketing across networks (like Google and Facebook) with follow up content and [3] leveraging the meta information about that user to enlarge the audience size through look-alike advertising functions on major networks.

Ultimately, the campaign built affinity with the brand, along with consistency in delivering segmented topical content of interest and engagement with potential clients beyond our reach.

Specific channels used: 

  •  Google & Bing paid search 
  • Google remarketing & retargeting 
  • Facebook general targeting and look alike 
  •  Twitter paid campaign 
  • Paid media placements with partners 
  •  Advertorials within industry publications 
  • Search engine optimization


Cyber Security Video

After doing the research to understand the pain points of most interest to our prospects, I created the idea, concept, and script of this animated video. Nothing like this had ever been even attempted by Learning Tree; which meant I had to manage multiple stakeholder expectation and buy-in as well.

The video was a huge success in attracting prospect attention and being a top of funnel content for lead generation, thought leadership and product positioning.

Cloud Security Video

As part of the ABM component of the cyber security engagement, I developed this video from idea, strategy, concept to script. It emphasized the need to build skills and training targeting the cloud segment and was extremely well received and used repeatedly for engagement on all digital channels (paid and earned).

Thought Leadership Piece

As part of the campaign, I developed this thought leadership piece that provides insight into one of the specific topics on the mind of our prospects.

It was used as part of an email nurture as well as sales support.

This was part of a content series called Solution Briefs which I developed and managed from the tactical development to the strategic engagement, positioning, and deployment.

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